[Feature Request: Android] Allow switching between editor/formatted views at point-of-scroll

For those whose don't know, on the Android app the two "views" are separate - "Editor" [raw text] and "Preview (don't know what it is actually called) [formatted view]. This isn't a huge issue, and it's probably necessary given the size of the average phone screen since having both side by side would be prohibitively small. However it is an issue in the way you *toggle between them. When you switch to one or the other it automatically resets the page position.

  • When going into "editor", it automatically snaps to the very end of the text/page.

  • When going out of the "editor"/into "formatted" view it snaps to the very beginning of the text/page.

This is a major inconvenience, especially on long notes, for two related reasons:

  • When I am scrolling through a long note and I see an error that needs to be fixed, I open the editor. But because it snaps to the end, this may be nowhere near the text I'm trying to edit, which means I may need to scroll up considerably to get back to that point. In addition, because I am in the markdown view, it can sometimes be deceptively difficult to identify exactly what I'm trying to edit, because the error I saw was in the fully formatted version.

  • Likewise, if I am making something in the editor, and I want to quickly see what it looks like when it is "done", and I return to the formatted view, it snaps up to the top, and I may have to scroll down considerably to find what I was looking for, and the same problem applies with not being able to know exactly what the original text looked like since I am in a different view.

I think a very simple solution to this would simply be allow you to enter/exit the editor at the "point-of-scroll". In other words, toggle between editor or preview with the page maintaining the same position, so that you are looking at the same text when you switch. To my mind this is an infinitely more intuitive way of doing things, and would greatly improve the utility for me - which at this point is actually gradually decreasing as I waste more and more of my time having to go through this rigmarole. I cannot imagine I am only one who experienced this.

(And if this is an issue for legacy users, who for some reason or another have gotten really used to the old method, you could just make this something to be enabled or disabled in the settings menu.)