Some questions about the android app

(version 1.0.143)

  • I can’t scroll in edit mode, is this because notes are not supposed to be bigger than half the screen anyway, is this an upcoming feature, or a bug only happening to me?
  • How can I see the parsed markdown version? I see it plaintext everywhere, or is there no parsed version in android?
  • Why is the home screen completely empty? such a waste of screen real estate and this way you always need an extra action to reach the place where you need to go. It could display
    ** the most recent notes or
    ** a list of notebooks or
    ** a notebook of choice
  • You can, edit screen is just a bit finicky on scroll or selection.
  • You save the note and press the back arrow. You can see the preview/parsed version of it.
  • Yeah, the ‘Welcome’ screen is empty. Maybe someday something might pop-up, till then its just a waste of space.
  • so how do you do it? i created a kinda long note by just hitting enter a bunch above a line, but all i swipe and nothing happens, i stay completely at the top, not even if i move the cursor down does the screen move with it
  • i don’t see any layout after pressing back arrow, and when i press it again i go back to welcome screen?! is there some configuration option i have to turn on or something?
  • Yours stay at top? Mine goes down completely. Never encountered this issue. It might be some kind of a bug then.
  • When you save it, you hit the back arrow up top, yes? Give it a sec to render, at least if its a long note. It will parse. Again, if it is not happening it might really be a bug.

Just out of curiosity what version of android + app are you using?

Android 7.0 App is version 1.0.143 as it says in OP already

So yeah the first two problems are fixed in the new version, i didn’t think that would be the problem because it was supposedly only 3 days older than the newest version in the repository but i guess it was