Sync only to USA Cloud services?

I'm very enthusiastic about the potential of Joplin and found it in my search to move away from American (non GDPR) apps and storage. So yes, also I am migrating from Evernote to Joplin. Pleased to be here!

I was disappointed to find that Jopling only uses only US cloud service providers.

I, myself, changed my cloud services to the MEGA cloud. Cheaper, more secure, not selling your profile, GDPR compliant and no servers in the US.

HOWEVER, I find that I cannot use Mega to sync my Joplin db to. It works on my Windows10 laptop (by syncing to a local mega folder), but this trick does not (yet) work on my Android device.

Who knows what privacy-first, security-by-design, SAAS Cloud service does work properly to sync between Joplin for Window and Joplin for Android?

Keep up the good work!

PS 1 Only other disappoint thusfar is that I can not use RTF in the Android WYSIWYG editor.
PS 2 As a newby I just found out that there are some NextCloud providers in the cloud (relieving me from having to run my own server) and most of them are in Europe! So probably that will be my place to go-to.
PS 3 In the spirit of moving away from commercial US apps: Changed my Android email client to open source FairEmail app - realy nice! I recommend it!

Android v9 - Joplin v 1.7.5, db v34

I was going to mention what you've already found, that there should be NextCloud providers in Europe. Would you be willing to edit your post with something at the top, clarifying this? I'd just rather not confuse people who might think the same thing.

Maybe even post which provider you used that worked?

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Also, please note that you can use your own WebDAV server (including Nextcloud, ownCloud). In addition, a Joplin server is being developed that can also be self hosted.

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Yes Patrick, When I wrote the post I put a lot of time in to make the sync to work. But could not realize a good solution on the mobile. Webdav should be possible in Windows (with an extra little program), but I could not find a way to make it work on Android.

And yes, I tried the appearently most interesting one (8Gb free with most capabilities enabled): Tab.Digital with servers in several European countries. It worked fine on both devices, but I missed that they sent an email with verification of the email (good that they do this), because it landed in my spam. So the next day, my account was locked and there is no way to get out of the lock!! I had to sent a message to support, but thusfar (24 hours later) there is still not update from them. I assume it will work out well (withing 48 hours). If not I will let you know.

Thanks @tessus for your response: I was aware about the Webdav option, but was looking for a reliable cloud provider with security & privacy standards of the highest level.

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WebDAV should work on Android. Are you saying you couldn't figure out how to configure it, or that you thought it was configured, but it didn't work?

Sorry! I should have written: I can not get Webdav to work with!
It seems that they do not have a standard webdav protocol and are using encryption making it necessary to use an additional conversion program only availble on Windows, called MEGAcmd (MEGA)

There are instructions on how to use webdav using MegaCmd here:

But since this app is not available on Android I assume Webdav towards from Android will not work (as mentioned, I could not get it to work)

You may already know the option but to sync some files / folders between my Android phone and some cloud storage services (Mega, pCloud, etc.) I use apps like Autosync / FolderSync pairing the directories I want from the phone with the directories in the cloud.

Since Joplin on Android allows you to select "File System" as the sync target, I think it should be possible to use the same directory that you would sync to the cloud via one of the mentioned apps.

Thanks for the hint about Tab.Digital - seems like a really interesting offer (regardless of Joplin) in particular a paid plan that is very cheap and offers end-to-end. And yes, you are right, the verification link goes straight to Junk on Thunderbird (for example).

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