Lost my Joplin Notes after sync

I ve lost my Joplin Notes after enabling syncing with nextcloud.
I ve set up Joplin Sync with my Laptop (Fedora 36) and then with my mobile (Android 10)
After that my Notes are gone.

All I have is a folder with .md files which seems to have my notes but I am unable to import them.

Joplin ver. 2.9.17

Is there a way to get these md files back in Joplin?

Thank you


Can you say a bit more about the folder structure where the MD files are? Are there any other folders inside it? If possible, basically please describe in detail everything you see there.

Did you lose all of them or just random items?

I have been having similar issues lately. I keep losing data from the last notes edited. It seems like it might be related to the Android version. I haven't been able to narrow it down but I've lost data several times lately. I use Dropbox and sync between android, Linux Mint, and Windows. Initially I thought maybe it was just a fluke but it keeps happening. I don't have a lot of time to waste troubleshooting. I have been using Joplin a long time for my journal and this is the first time I have had data loss.

There is also a info.json file and folders
locks, temp, .lock, .resource and .sync

I stopped using it on my android phone and so far no more problems. Apparently, if the time is wrong on any of your devices that can cause data loss when syncing.

It seems like my notes are gone - at this point I am disappointed.

I back mine up routinely by export just in case something goes wrong. Do you have TimeShift or something like that that will allow you to get them back? Also, I have not had anymore issues since I stopped syncing automatically to Android. I think it was timing out in the middle of sync. When I sync it manually and make sure it finishes, it seems to work fine.

That folder full of .md files is your sync target data. You should be able to copy it into a local folder and use the local folder sync and use that to sync your client.

Just make sure you keep that folder safe.

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