Sync Dropbox error restricted_content

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I’m trying sync my 1 GB of notes, via Dropbox, from linux to mac and this error messages appears:

Created local items: 1.
Fetched items: 874/2000.
Completed: 14/09/2018 15:50
Last error: Error: POST files/download: fetchBlob error (409): path/restricted_content/

The biggest part of my notes are already synced. But are missing some notes and the tags.

How can I get around this problem?

Hmm, restricted_content means that the file you’re trying to upload has been flagged by Dropbox due to a copyright issue or other violation of their T&C (or it could just be an error on their side).

This error is actually handled when downloading a file but not when uploading it (which seems to be what’s happening in your case). I’ll add a bug report for this.

Thanks Laurent,

I consulted Dropbox team about any problem with copyright violation they said there is no issue in my files.

I did uninstall in Joplin and delete the files of ~/.config/jopin-desktop. After install again the new version 1.0.107 start the authentication process to access Dropbox. The same error happen.

I compare the files in ~/Dropbox/Apps/Joplin in linux and mac machines. The files are the same.

Is there a way to find what is the file that generated the problem? Maybe I could delete that file and conclude the sync process.

I contacted the Dropbox team twice, in both they found no problems with copyright topic. However the error message continued happening.

I changed to Nextcloud Webo, 5gb free is attractive. On linux (CLI) I exported the notebooks, notes and tags to a .jex file. Synced my macOS with Nextcloud, imported the jex in Joplin of macOS. Once all files were uploaded, I synced the iPad with Nextcloud, everything works well. Deleted the linux Joplin, installed it again, synced with Nextcloud. The sync process starts to take hours, maybe days. I copied macOS folder ~/.config/joplin-desktop and put it on the linux computer. Checked the permissions, and linux machine are syncing well with my macOS (macbook pro) and iPad. However, I can not sync with my iPhone, the app close after synced around 2900 items.

Now there are 2 error messages:

Items that cannot be synchronised

transfer 180 (8b654f772bc247b3802104cbeb4113a0): File not found: /Users/roney/.config/joplin-desktop/resources/
extrair tar (8194c3f5f3c54ae7be350055bd6dadf2): File not found: /Users/roney/.config/joplin-desktop/resources/

These items will remain on the device but will not be uploaded to the sync target. In order to find these items, either search for the title or the ID (which is displayed in brackets above).

The strange is, the file has 32.2MB and the file has 55.9MB, instead of 180GB and 10K. I deleted the files of ~/.config/joplin-desktop/resources, deleted the link of that files in the notes, and the messages continues the appears.

This is the log of iPhone after Joplin has closed.