Problems Syncing after encryption between Mac and IOS with dropbox

I am coming from Evernote and have successfully transferred all my notes and attached notes to Joplin
sync via Dropbox was working excellent.

I use Macbook Air M1 (13.5.2) iPhone and iPad with IOS 17.0.1
Now I have my desktop encrypt my data (as suggested in Joplin).
Likewise then with iphone and iPad :

  • everything was synced but I can't open attachments (pdf) on either ipad or iphone.
    A few attachments can be opened
    For most of them only the long name of the name appears, file does not open.

In Joplin on the desktop appears error message when syncing during iOS sync: :
Error: Cannot acquire exclusive lock because the following clients have a sync lock on the target: (2 #3abec15d85f8435b9e0bafe12766306b)
Joplin 2.12.18 (prod, darwin)

On iPad I get the message :
Remote elements created : 9
Remote elements updated : 489
Completed: 02.10.2023....
last error message: Sync Target is locked - aborting API call

Client-ID: 7ad7c28c245a459db3ef9d3b1947cbe9
Sync-Version: 3
Profil-Version: 43
Unterstützter Schlüsselbund: Ja

Revision: a0a4a81

What is your proposal ? to delete Joplin on iOS on the phone and iPad and to reinstall it once more or to stop encryption ?

Thank you and sorry - I am new to Joplin and try to solve the problem since 3 days...

Error: Cannot acquire exclusive lock because the following clients have a sync lock on the target: (2 #3abec15d85f8435b9e0bafe12766306b)

Joplin tries to prevent multiple clients (e.g. both a Desktop app and an iOS app) from writing to Dropbox at the same time by creating files in the Dropbox/Apps/Joplin/locks directory -- while these files are present (and also perhaps depending on the contents of these files) only one client can sync.

Here's what the locks directory in DropBox might look like:

If a client closes unexpectedly during a sync, it's possible for a lock file to persist after a sync (though the client that created the file should remove it on successful startup). As such, if you're certain that no client is currently trying to sync:

  1. Start each client and try to sync
    • Hopefully the client that created the file will finish syncing and delete the lock file.
  2. On failure, close all Joplin clients and delete the file in the locks directory. Re-open one of the clients and try to sync.
    • This might be necessary if the client that created the lock file has been reset or uninstalled. (Or if Joplin has a sync-related bug).

Thank you personalizedrefriger !
at this moment I noticed this messages on my iPad (after syncing)

xxxx..pdf could not be uploaded - trying to upload resource, but only metadata is present.
about 250 times.....

that's my dropbox-picture
dropbox.pdf (98.8 KB)

There is no file in the lock file

perhaps the best solution will be to delete clients and install them once more or to stop encrypting..

i have fixed the problem or better: I have found a pragmatic solution.
After deleting the app and datas on my iPad and syncing (encrypted) all is ok.
My failure was to be to quick in syncing and causing syncing conflicts on drop box.
My proposal to save time in such situations :slight_smile:
Delete your app on the client (in my case iPad/iPhone) and install new - problem fixed.

Thank you for your support !

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