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What issue do you have?

for many days I tried to sync Joplin Desktop with tablet and Smartphone, using One drive, Google drive and local drive system.
On SMartphone and Tablet I uninstalled Jopin after each change of Synchronization target.
on Smartphone
All Notebooks are shown, but not in all notebooks the notes
On Tablet
Not all notebooks are shown but a error message as per enclosed screenshot, Needless to say that all this *.png cannot be found on the tablet
With respect to allnotebooks.png and Webclipper.png there are two entries in the backup directory but with different ID Numbers as mentioned on the tablet.
Subnotebooks.png cannot be found in the sync directory.


Hi there, I am afraid I do not understand what this statement about three different sync targets really means. Better explain to get any support at all. Good luck !

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