Sync conflict

I got sync conflic synchronizing with DropBox:
Completed: 2019-05-26 08:44

Last error: Error: On file Unknown type: 13

How can I recover from this? The “Export debug report” option from the Synchronzation Status page creates a CSV file with 370 entries - no idea how to use it (uploading CSV files are not allowed here).

I would not mind to loose the note versions on the PC while recovering from the version on my mobile.
But it is all “somewhere” in the DropBox.

Any procedures I can follow to get rid of the conflict and get the sync working again?

It’s not a conflict, but you are using an old version of Joplin. Please upgrade to the latest version and it’s gone.

I suspect you upgraded either mobile or desktop, but not the other. Now the old version doesn’t know what to do with the new type introduced in the newer version…

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Thanks for you input!

On my Android mobile I upgrade through Google Play Store (version 1.0.252)…
On my PC I upgrade using Chocolatey (version 1.0.143) - that’s where I get conflicts.
When I look at the latest Windows version seems to be 1.0.152.

Any idea, who upgrades the Chocolatey respository?

Unfortunately I don't. I don't even know what Chocolatey is.

But this explains it. Your Android client created type 13 (a note history) and your desktop client doesn't know what to do with it.

Version 1.0.152 for Windows:

Well, Chocolatey is an open source package manager for Windows, which Microsoft made available (similar to Windows Update, but open for all applications). It is the first thing I am installing when setting up a new PC. I install all my applications whenever available from the Chocolatey repository, which allows me to update them all by one click.
Since the repository was not updated yet, I downloaded and installed the latest version of Joplin 1.0.158 the old fashioned way. Sync works again, as you expected.


Usually there should be a maintainer listed for a package in a portage system. Someone must have added it to Chocolatey. There are 2 maintainers listed at Chocolatey Software | Joplin 1.7.11
Aak them why it takes them so long to update their stuff :wink: