Support for e-ink


Android-based ebook readers are pretty much popular now. I for one found writing in my Android e-ink device with Bluetooth keyboard extremely satisfying.

Joplin works in Android quite well. But two enhancements can be very helpful for us e-ink users:

  1. An option to turn of animations.
  2. A theme that suits e-ink well.

The first point is the most important one.

A theme that suits e-ink would ideally be white with high contrast UI Elements right ? Asking because i only use e-ink in my ereader not in a tablet.

Yes. A high contrast grayscale theme is what we need.

I must say, current light theme is also doable. But what is needed more is the ability to stop animations (e.g. for drawer open/close) since e-ink has low refresh-rate.

I am looking forward for supporting e-ink,

but it should be an option, rather than a global settings for all devices.

Definately! No way it should be a global default.

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