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Tablet mode

Currently Android Joplin is designed for phones, i.e. it uses a single pane view.
For tablets in landscape this is a gross waste of screen space.

Given that all Joplin clients are built from a single source, would it be possible to have a tablet mode on Android, which is similar to the layout of the desktop? Multiple panes, simultaneous edit/display views, and so on?


I particularly find it difficult to use on Tablet because of the FONT SIZE.
It would be much appreciated if users can change the font size of the editor on ANDROID APP


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Copying my comment from another thread, to show support for this suggestion. I only found on thread (this) and one comment suggesting increased font sizes in mobile.

So, I would also love to be able to increase font size in the mobile app (android).

It’s a little bit to small to comfortable tap checkboxes for instance. And would improve readability too.


I second this for iPadOS too. I usually use Joplin in portrait mode but even there the sidebar is far too wide, and would IMHO benefit from being narrower, leaving more of the note titles visible.