Sub Notebook Creation in the Mobile App

I can’t create subnotebooks in the mobile app.

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It’s not possible to do that in the mobile app yet. There’s probably a feature request open for it, but if there’s not, you could open one.

AFAICS there isn't a FR open in the tracker for this and, no, you can't open one according to the contributing guidelines, you first have to post here until the FR is accepted.

Upon further research there was an open FR for this and even a PR, but it was rejected and the issue staled and got closed, but later it was also automatically locked so there is no way to request reopening now. I don't see any reason for this to be so. Maybe @laurent could reopen it? I'm referring to [Feature Request] subfolder creation on mobile · Issue #1044 · laurent22/joplin · GitHub. I see a comment in Google Play complaining about this locked issue too.

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The PR was not rejected but abandoned by the OP and was therefore closed. If someone wants to continue where the OP left off, I can re-open the PR.

As you can see from the comments Laurent requested a few changes that never happened.

I understand that, but what I'm saying is that the issue was locked, this should not depend on the PR state, IMO. Even the bot, while closing the FR, suggested to comment in order to reopen it, thing is that it's not possible to comment at all.

EDIT: sorry suggested to create a new issue. Anyway, the situation is the same.

An issue is not a PR

Issues are automatically locked after a certain amount of time after they had been closed.

A PR is never automatically locked. This one was locked manually by Laurent.

So, there will be no re-opening of the issue. The only way to get this going is, if someone picks up the PR.
If you want the PR being re-opened I can unlock the PR and re-open it. Or you create a new PR based on the "old" one.

P.S.: I'm talking about this PR:

I know an issue is not a PR, I believe I haven't mixed up both things above. My point is that the issue is locked (and closed). I'm not saying I will pick the PR or anything, but the issue is a FR that was accepted as such at the time, a solution was proposed but still not accepted for whatever reasons, it stalled, that's fine. But before closing the bot suggested to comment to keep it alive. And after closing it suggested to reopen the issue if it still applies to further releases. Since the issue is now locked, I'm requesting unlocking it or opening a new one, because AFAICS there is still interest in it.

Just to be extra clear, this is what I'm talking about:[Feature Request] subfolder creation on mobile · Issue #1044 · laurent22/joplin · GitHub

You can see at the end that the bot locked it.

I don't want to continue the PR, just to keep the FR open (that or a new one).

Yes, my point is that everyone who searches for that can see that there was a PR open at one point and go from there.

So now we re-open the FR and then what? It will become stale again in 30 days.
IMO this makes no sense. Also, the bot never said anything about re-opening anything. The text If this issue is still present in the latest release, please feel free to create a new issue with up-to-date information. is meant for reproducible bugs.

What sense does it make to re-open the issue? If nobody picks up the PR, nothing is going to happen. And I seriously don't want to see +1 comments (not talking about reactions) or something ilke "yes, this would be great".

Laurent will have to decide how to proceed. I won't re-open the issue.

Ok, I don't intend to be harsh or disrespectful, I just can't understand your argument. As I see it, a feature request is intended to raise awareness of something there is interest to have, not of something there is a solution to. You only accept feature requests when there is a PR on the go? Sure, it may be that it stalls again, but the measure to keep it open is community interest, not availability of almost ready solutions. We can argue about whether there is enough interest or not, I'm not sure myself, anyway deciding that is entirely up to you.

The text If this issue is still present in the latest release, please feel free to create a new issue with up-to-date information. is meant for reproducible bugs.

Maybe the message was intended to be shown only for reproducible bugs as you say, but it was shown in a (by definition non-reproducible) feature request, so please forgive my mistake.

I'm leaving it here because I think this has already gone too far.

Ah, last thing:

And I seriously don't want to see +1 comments

I fully sympathize with this. But it's a reason to lock, not to close an issue.

Hi there! first of all thanks for your contributions! I would also like to say in my opinion this is an important feature of functionality to add in the app. I find really useful this app and I use it very much but when I need to create a subfolder working o the smartphone I have to write where it has to be placed and replace it whenever I work from the laptop ... It doesn't make sense to me having this functionality in one device and not in the other, even more when it is such a simple feature to implement.

I've created a new post as FR in Features Topic. Here you are the link