Android version: no way to add sub-notebooks?


  • Joplin version: 2.1.4
  • OS: Android v11

In desktop version, we can select a top-level or sub-level notebook, and right-click mouse button to add a new sub-notebook,

but for android version Joplin, following the same method can create only a top-level notebook, so is there any trick to create a sub-notebook in Android verison Joplin?


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What I do is write documents in the root and then make the subfolder when I get to the desktop version. Then drag the documents into the new folder. If there is a way, other than that, I don't know of it.

Actually, I am doing, the same as Steve, to manage the sub-notebook in Desktop version.

I am not sure, is it very difficult to add the menu item, "add sub-notebook", to the pop-up window when you touch and hold on a name of notebook?

Hope that Joplin team will consider adding this feature to their next version!

Thanks for the great works of Joplin Team!

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