Feature Request: Creating subfolder or subnotebooks in the app

Hi there! I want to share my experience about this feature existing in the pc and not in the App. I think is fundamental to be able to manage notebooks and subnotebooks the same way in both devices. I found some discussion related to it where I also made a comment but doesn't solve the question. Thanks!

First of all it makes no sense to create the same topic over and over again. The feature request has already been accepted. Now you have to find someone to implement it. It most likely won't be Laurent.

Secondly, your title should be more specific. I guess you mean the mobile app?

Either way, within the past 7 days 4 topics were created regarding this. Personally I will start ignoring all of them now.


Ok @tessus, thank you very much! I'm sorry for the repetition, I searched for this topic before I posted it and didn't find the ones you mention, maybe I didn't put the right key words. Thanks for the advice and glad to know it is approved!

Also the repetition indicates interest, isn't it? would you just delete this post or leave it adding something like (solved) in the title?

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