Moving notebooks and creating subnotebooks

I think it’s really imperative to be able to create subnotebooks in all platforms, or at least edit the notebook hierarchy (moving notebooks into others, or out of them).

I don’t know the current state of this discussion, but as far as I’m aware, this is only implemented in the desktop version. There’s currently a pull-request for that feature on the mobile app (not very active), but as for the terminal app it seems there’s no discussion whatsoever about implementing the feature.

I’d really like to start using this app, but this seems a bit troublesome.

[EDIT]. I could implement this myself for the terminal app if there’s some minimal guidance.


Yes, it would be great to have this functionality on the mobile platforms!

New Joplin user. Posting here because I think this topic is more relevant than

Now with Joplin Server gaining traction, Joplin becomes an even more appealing option to choose from many self-hosted alternatives. But I do think that the missing subnotebook management in the mobile app is the only critical feature that I'm missing to be a totally happy Joplin user on a daily basis. Sure I can go with a flat structure of notebooks, but I don't like the idea of collecting a lot of them over time and wasting time structuring them as a tree once the mobile app will get this very desired feature. Hence I'm bumping this thread, that did not have new posts for one year.

I suggest you vote for Sub Notebook Creation in the Mobile App instead of this one, because subnotebook creation in the terminal has already been added to the GitHub tracker Create subnotebooks in terminal · Issue #1728 · laurent22/joplin · GitHub.