Store tags inside notes

It would be nice if tags were stored inside notes content so tags would remain when you export/import notes to/from a different app. Also, tags are an important part of notes that lets you find notes fast.


I prefix all my tags with # and that might solve your problem.

It won’t because:

  • tags are not indexed in that case. The only way to find them is a full text search.
  • you can’t view such tags in tags list
  • there will be 2 separate types of tags (tags supported by the app and made up tags)
  • no way to implement filtering by tags combination (currently, it’s not available in the app either, but there is a chance that this feature may be implemented)

I’d love to see an implementation of how Bear on Mac does it.

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That’d be a great reference. @wazabees

That’s great, you see a wide scope here. But are you upfront to implement this in code or you’re just suggesting the feature?

I’d love to implement it but I’m not familiar with Electron applications. If there are no other volunteers, I can start figuring out how Electron works. It will take some time though.

Ohh it's fine.. Although I've been contributing to the code for some time :smile: .. I can try implementing.. but we have to get some insights from some mentor. For that i'll just tag them real quick.
@PackElend @bedwardly-down @tessus

nice idea that is them same when you work with images, where you store metadata in the file, sidecar or app’s database


Great, you find that good.