Storage in DRIVE, but wich one/email?

Versión 1.0.179 pending on updating.

I storage in DRIVE but wich one? How do I see the email associed. I hace more than one.


Check if there’s a folder in your OneDrive at Apps/Joplin. It’s where your data is stored.

When I open JOPLIN. I can find Storage: DRIVE / ONE DRIVE.

But JOPLIN doesn’t tell wich email os associed.

What can I do?

Thanks for the comments

Joplin doesn't show the e-mail address in the app itself. I don't think Joplin stores the e-mail address either.

Easiest way you can find out which e-mail account Joplin is linked to is:

  • Log into every e-mail account and check in the OneDrive
  • Check if there is Apps -> Joplin folder in each OneDrive

If there is such folder in the OneDrive, then it's the e-mail account Joplin is linked to :wink:

Would be funny if there's a folder in each of the accounts :thinking:

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Another way to check.

Open this page
Login if needed and check if you have Joplin listed on that page. If you do then this account is used for syncing.

Is there no way yo get the email adrese Direct from Joplin or from the laptop / Handy?

I have checked my Onedrives and they look like just they had nothing to do with Joplin?

Thanks for any reply

Seems so. I do not use Onedrive but Dropbox uses a similar token-based auth method. I checked in the database, there’s no mention of email.


It doesn’t sound good.

Thanks for your answer.

Actually I think there might be a way but it’s not trivial to put it mildly.

Since you presumably have a valid token you could check Onedrive REST API – there should be a method to get profile info and you could pull the email from there. However there’s a chance that your token does not allow to read profile info.

And in any case this require some programming skills.

Endly I found the ONEDRIVE acount It is the same for my KEEPNOTES.

BUT SURPRISE: OneDrive is empty. No archives from Joplin, no archives from Notes.

Then, Please, Can anyone tell me where are the archives stored?

Thank U everybody.