OneDrive synchronization. Wants access to ALL my files?

So I just installed Joplin on my Android from Play Market.
Authorized in OneDrive. Joplin created its folder in \OneDrive\Apps\Joplin.

Now what I see in my Microsoft account:

Access OneDrive files
Joplin will be able to open and edit OneDrive files, including files shared with you.


Compare with the other app I sync via OneDrive:

Have full access to the application's folder
Keepass2Android will be able to read, create, update and delete files in the application's folder.

The question is: why Joplin wants access to all my files?


I think it was required to support OneDrive Business or something.

We unfortunately won't change the requested permissions unless something stops working, because it's too difficult to get anything working at all with OneDrive. So if it works, we don't touch it.

Hey Laurent!

Thanks for quick reply.

Want to add, that this is what desktop Joplin says regarding OneDrive:

The application will create a directory in "Apps/Joplin" and will only read and write files in this directory. It will have no access to any files outside this directory nor to any other personal data.

So there is some contradiction.

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