No more notification

I use app version 2.10.1 and Android version 13. After the update, I no longer received any reminders. Anyone else having trouble with this?

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I've just tried and it works for me

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Okay, that makes me happy. Then it just seems to be a problem for me.

Maybe try again and see if you can find a way to replicate the issue consistently. Or it could be a problem with Android 13 (I am on Android 10)

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Short update:

I completely reinstalled and set up the app. Power optimization turned off and all app permissions granted. Unfortunately, nothing has been successful. The alarm is saved but not executed.

Hello, update 2.10.4 could not solve the problem either. But I was able to find the corresponding error in the log.


Indeed it looks like there's a new bug here, and it's no longer working with my phone either. Will look into it, thanks for the report

I think it is caused by joplin-rn-alarm-notification. It doesn't include a fix in the original repo.


Thanks for the feedback. You're welcome. That's why it's a beta version. Good luck to you.

Indeed looks like it's the issue, thanks for looking this up

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That should be fixed with this commit: Android: Fixes non-working alarms · laurent22/joplin@138bc81 · GitHub

Also @roman_r_m, I've now imported the alarm package into the repo, so that we can more easily make quick fixes without having to publish

That's great, now I can finally delete that repo, maybe npm package too.

Update to version 2.10.8: The problem persists.