Alarm in Android App

I would also like to use Joplin for my reminders. Except currently the App does not trigger a callback.

I was initially thinking about an authorization problem, but the 3 authorizations are present.

do you meet such a behavior ?

That's right, I didn't look much, sorry :frowning:
With or without Don't Disturb mode, nothing happens.
I'm on Android 8.0.

Even if you set a reminder for 3 mn laters ?

On the same task ? Or on an another ?

if you define a reminder for 15:25 today ; this will work ?

Aie ! I missed your message.
Why this particular time?
I can try 15:30.

My first question is:

are you able to trigger a reminder if you set it for the current hour + 3minutes ?

No, nothing happens.
It works for you ? If yes, Android 8.0 ?

this behavior works for me on android 7.1.1
but not always when a reminder is set, very later (later the same day or the day after or month after), and worst when the “do no distrub” feature is enable.