Stay viewer-only after switching notebooks


I’m at 1.0.232, and I would like Joplin to remember the current view mode (viewer-only, editor-only and viewer-and-editor) when I switch between notes and notebooks. Joplin already does so for notes in the same notebook, or for the editor-only & viewer-and-editor modes. However, if I switch to viewer-only, then switch to another notebook, the editor becomes visible again (=it automatically switches to the viewer-and-editor view). Is this the case for other people?


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Joplin 1.0.232 (pre-release)
Windows 10 Pro x64

Just tried what you describe using Joplin Portable and Joplin Desktop and the app remembered the view (in any of the three states) when switching between notes, tags and also notebooks.

It may help any others to test this if you update with what OS you are using?

@dpoulton Thank you! I’ve just tested on Win10 and Gentoo Linux, and for me the said behavior occurs if and only if I turn on the CodeMirror editor. Can you confirm this?

It’s it possible that you have the search bar open? This is probably caused by the recent switch to editor searching in codemirror. We plan to remove the code that performs the auto switching so this shouldn’t be a problem for long!

Can confirm. Also, if you are using CodeMirror and quit Joplin when in viewer mode. Joplin reopens in split mode.

Will this pre-release still to be "promoted" to a full release this weekend?

@CalebJohn I was not using the search bar, but yes, that piece of code does seem to cause the problem (previousSearchMarkers can be undefined!). But it’s fine then if that code is going to be removed eventually. Thank you!

Yes, because CodeMirror is still considered a Beta feature so there might indeed be glitches like this for now.

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For info, we track the known CodeMirror issues in this thread:

Good point, overlooked that!

I have a pull request to fix this specific issue here: