Automatically switch from view to edit(/view) layout when creating new note

I just noticed that when I am in the view only layout and create a new note, the app stays in that mode.
This prevents me from being able to start typing right away, as I otherwise would. The first time it took me quite a few seconds to realize I was still in view only mode :sweat_smile: This seems very counter intuitive to me.

As it is safe to assume that I always want to start typing when creating a new note, would it be possible to automatically switch to edit/view layout?


Sounds like a good suggestion.

Hope it's ok to reply to this old message.

I'm wondering if this is being considered. It makes sense to me that when you create a new note you would want to edit it. Not really anything to view till you do. :slight_smile:

Makes sense that creating a new note should open the markdown editor if it is not already open. For some reason I have always considered this a "quirk" of Joplin rather than an aspect of the UX design that could be improved!

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I think on the desktop it just uses whatever state the last note was in when a new note was created.

We avoid automatically changing anything in general, because it might lead to unwanted behaviours and the need to add yet more options.

For example, I might want to use Joplin mostly to add to-dos so I only edit the title, in which case I don't need, and maybe don't want the layout to auto-switch to editor mode.

Thanks for clearing up that there is a rationale behind the behaviour rather than it being an oversight. I do not use to-dos so I never considered that, which is a failing on my part.

Thanks for your quick reply and all the hard work you have done on the app. It's great!

I guess I hadn't really thought about it in terms of changing state. I though about it like creating a new document.

I totally understand that one change can cause problems. I guess I thought of it because there is already an option for focusing when creating a note vs. creating a to-do. I can appreciate that some people might only use the software for to-do's. But on the note taking side, it seems like editing is what you would want to do with a new note.

Thanks again!!