Default note view is split view?

Everytime I change notebooks the default view is set to split view (code/rendered)

I think we need to put a switch that switches ‘edit/view’ mode

rather than a WYSIWYG / CODE switch

you can only switch WYSIWYG / CODE when you’re in edit mode

in other words, there needs to be a hierarchy in those views

  • Edit
    • CODE
  • View
    • Split view (edit/view are in one screen)
    • Single Column (only edit, or view)

and Joplin should keep this setting and makes it default view

sorry for poor English

Unless I am misunderstanding you, you can do something close to what you want in the menus at View > Layout button sequence.

I don’t like the WYSIWYG business at all, for example, so I have my layout button set to Viewer/Split View which makes Viewer the default view, which is what I want.

I’m guessing that you’re using the beta codemirror editor? Because that seems like you are experiencing a bug with the previous pre-release which has been fixed in master.

Oh thank you!

That’s not exactly what I want, but at least I could remove that scary WYSIWYG thing from My Joplin Desktop

What I want is to make the ‘Viewer’ to be default note view, which keeps set back to Split view every time I click other notebooks. I just want to read my notes normally, not to edit them.

I have Viewer/Split view option too, and that doesn’t make the viewer default.