Startup Synctime after first setup

Joplin (installed on Arch as well as installed on Ubuntu 18.04.1 as AppImage) needs ages to sync on first setup / doesn’t sync at all on first setup. Cancelling the first sync and restarting it helps, but does not always lead to a complete sync of all notes stored in nC 13 (up to date) via https://domain.tld/remote.php/webdav/Joplin.

How do I debug this to get viable results to work with?

The first sync is (very) long, depending on how many notes you have. But once the first sync done, it’s ok.
You can follow the progress in the status window.
You can have a look at that thread Performance with large collection in case

“large collections” is not the term I would use for 3 notebooks with roughly 10 notes in them (the folder /Joplin itself ‘weighs’ 39,5 kb in nextCloud). With “ages” I meant that it very often does not finish the first sync, even if I wait for a few hours. Tested on / with Arch and Ubuntu 18.04 on 5 different computers and all of them showing the same phenomenon.

The progress-information in the status parts of Joplin also looks stuck to me. It - at best - lists 2 or 3 synced items and then nothing further happens. I therefore believe that I need to dig deeper into the syncprocess itself to find out what’s going on.

Any suggestions there?

If you go go back and forth between the 2 windows “status” and “notes list”, does the count of notes moves ?
Sometimes it seems stuck, but in fact it’s not. It’s just long to refresh

Thank you very much: going back and forth between the sections in Joplin does help.

(my thoughts go into the direction of nextCloud Sync and Joplin Webdav-Sync at the same time might be contributing to the time lags, though I still don’t really see the way to debug this)