Start new after bad sync on my part

I accidentally deleted my Joplin backup within Dropbox(whoops), and am trying to rebuild the whole syncronization. I was not able to get the android app to recreate the backup within Dropbox, so I had the PC version send the data back to Dropbox. but every time i try to get it running again on the android, it just tries to upload and not download. So I deleted the app from android, and then reinstalled it, but then even before syncing, it has some of the notes that were there before.

Is there a solid way to start over from scratch by using my JEX backup file? I am using Joplin only on windows 10 and android.

So after playing around, the best way to get everything going again, is to force stop the app in android, then clear its storage(delete everything). No need to uninstall, then go to desktop app, delete all notes manually, restore JEX file, and sync. Then go to android, tell it to sync. Done.

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