Can't do a clean re-install on Android, using Joplin Cloud


I synchronize with Dropbox. Up to now, I've been using Joplin on desktop, iPad and Android. So, three devices.

When I had to get a new Android phone, Joplin sync stopped working on that device. I gave up and uninstalled.

I am now trying Joplin Cloud, and when I try installing Joplin on Android again, it is still trying to redo the "failing" sync it was doing before. I can't seem to find any dead folders lying around in Android. Meaning: the old, "wrong" folders and tags, reappear in Android, although they haven't existed in the other two devices in ages.

On the iPad, when switching to Joplin Cloud, it is still doing the "Updated Remote Items" at least, though I'm not sure that is a good sign or not.

What am I missing? What is the correct workflow when switching between sync storage targets? What is the procedure to ensure a clean install in Android? I have uninstalled and restarted, to no avail.

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I don't really understand most of your issues unfortunately. It could make sense to just uninstall on all your mobile devices and then start fresh from the desktop app.

I suspect this is Android's built-in backup that restores the previous state. I'm starting to think enabling it was a big mistake.

Try deleting the app data without reinstalling - this should revert Joplin to the initial state with welcome notes and no sync.

I didn't realise the backup feature would do that. Hmm, what do we need this feature for by the way? The Joplin data on the device is essentially just cache that can be rebuilt from the sync target, so I'm not sure saving it makes sense. Should we disable this?


Deleting the app data solved the problem! My Android device is now synced to my desktop, after a very long time in the wilderness.

And the sync through Joplin cloud went extremely fast, compared to Dropbox, for what it's worth.

Issue solved, as far as Android is concerned. Worth putting that in the welcome guides?

And why uninstalling Joplin on Android preserves this data?


PS: is this the "best" way to switch synchronization targets? Wipe the app on the other device, reinstall and synchronize?

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No, normally you can just switch the sync target in the config and it works, but in your case it seems there was something wrong with the backup, so it's best to start clean.

Because Android backs it up and restores on reinstall, apparently.

I'll submit a PR.

Ideally it would make sense to back up if there was a way to only back up settings for example. But I don't think there is, so disabling it altogether makes more sense.

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