Split Right and Split Down feature


Obsidian windows version has a very great feature - split right and split down and works charm

Is it possible to add this feature in both Joplin Cloud as well as Joplin desktop version ?


Two remarks, you may think that your description / request is all clear - but unfortunately it is not.
Then I wonder (may be related, may be not) whether your know about the command
menu -> view -> change app layout

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Screenshots would be very helpful.

Split right,
Split Down

in Obsidian

Will this feature can be added in Joplin?

Although not supported in the Joplin desktop app, it is possible to edit Joplin notes in external editors, so that they are kept updated in the database and synced across devices. I haven't tried to do that with Obsidian as an external editor, but VS Code split-view works well. See discussion over here and this VS Code extension.