Horizontal split option for editing layout

I would really appreciate the possibility of enabling an option to make the split screen editor/display layout mode a horizontal split rather than a vertical one.

I often take notes from a document in another app side-by-side with Joplin. If my notes need complicated formatting that I need to check as I type (like latex maths commands, for example), I need to use the split screen editing mode. The result can look something like like this:

You can see that the editing and display panes are severely (vertically) squashed. Making the split horizontal – i.e. the display on top, the editing pane at the bottom – would alleviate this problem a great deal.


I would definitely appreciate a horizontal or more broadly configurable panes as well.


I’d love this too. I’d be interested in implementing it if someone could help guide me through the codebase.

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Would anybody here benefit from using the WYSIWYG editor (must be enabled in Tools=>Options Plugins section)? Whatever your formatting will be shown directly in the note you’re writing like in something like Microsoft Word instead of how it is in Markdown.

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+1 Yes please implement this

It is also the existing function of professional editor. . .

+1, I often find myself wishing the preview could be on the bottom half horizontally. Looks like this is issue Horizontal split · Issue #3659 · laurent22/joplin · GitHub