Splash screen for joplin app

Most of the apps have splash screen and Joplin mobile app doesn’t have a splash screen how about a splash screen feature to Joplin app? as this is really attractive for user experience
I want your feedback. :slight_smile:

I have to admit that some of them are really nice looking but for me personally those splash screens always feel like rubbing my nose in app load times and I wonder how much faster the app would be without the splash screen. But I’m definitely no one you should listen to regarding UI or UX questions.

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The benefits of splash screens are:
1)Brand Loyality
2)Improving UX
it gives better sense of response time as splash screen are also shown when the app is being loaded by operating system.
better showing splash screen then cold screen(time behind launching the app)

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Personal opinion is that unless a splash screen is required to let a user know the loading progress of a huge program it is just bloat…

I wouldn’t want a splash screen either. Ideally we should improve the startup time so that no splash screen is necessary.


Yes, please improve the startup time.