Joplin slow start on Android

Would a few Android / Joplin users please let me know if they see the same behavior ?

My Android phone is more than once in a while offline when I start Joplin. This results in a blank screen for about one whole minute - a very, very, very long time if all you want to do is add a few words to one note. I assume Joplin is trying to get online BEFORE showing itself on screen. But why can it not just be happily offline when the phone is offline ? Interestingly enough, the desktop version of Joplin doesn't show this behavior.
So please let me know what you get ...

(Android 8, Joplin 2.10.8 which is the latest, I doubt the Android exact version matters).

Doesn't do this on my phone. Is it really only when offline? And did it do this in previous versions too?

Do you have biometrics enabled?

Hi there, and thanks for your response.
The time to show the notes is significantly shorter if the phone is online - but I have to admit it is not zero.
No I do not use biometrics, or fingerprints.

Would you mind trying this release and let me know if it works?

Not at all, just give me 48h ...

not forgotten, will just need more time for a personal reason

Sorry for the delay. Installed the new version.
On a quad-processor Android Moto phone, where any other app takes max 3 seconds to start and show the UI, version 2.10.9 of Joplin now takes a solid 35 seconds to start and show anything but a white screen, regardless of being online or offline. I think it would be helpful if other users could report their observations.
what else can I add: my phone has not been routed, there is plenty of RAM and space.

Hmm ok then I don't know why it's doing this. I haven't heard any such problems from other users, and it works fine for me too

I'm not experiencing this issue on Android 8 or Android 13. Does the issue persist if you don't have sync enabled?

Thanks both of you. I can see that the sync starts after the white screen is gone and Joplin has started. So it shouldn't related to sync.

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I just reported this same issue on GitHub, as I've been experiencing it as well on my Android 13 (Samsung Galaxy A13 5G) phone, whether sync is is set to 'OneDrive' (my usual setting) or 'None'.

Also, I'll note that my phone is online via Wi-Fi (on AT&T Fiber network) while experiencing this issue.

@ajay @stevemagruder Hi.
Could you please write down the time when you do a fresh launch of Joplin, then post the time and the log there? With these the developers can know which part of code takes the time.

I am not sure what you want me to do exactly, could you elaborate please ?
What I do is this: I quit Joplin, and make sure it is not running in the background, then I launch Joplin (on Android), start a counter, I get a white screen for a loooooooong time, and 305 secs later, the notebooks show up. The problem with the logs is that on Android I do not know how to clean the log before doing all this.

Sorry for my bad English.

Please write down the time of this, like 20:26:30, then we can compare it with the time in the log.

It's not necessary to clear the log. The app will insert a line of ====== in the log each time it starts. You just need to find the latest one, then post the line and the contents after that.

Okay will do tonight. And then ... upload the log were ? here on the forum ?

That's interesting. For me, it's just short of 60 seconds. I wonder if this somehow has to do with how many notes/todos we have? Or maybe it's just the difference in processor capability, as we're 5 Android versions apart.

On edit: I have 369 total notes/todos at this point.

With all due respect, I've logged an issue, and I will comply with what information the developers would like for me to supply there. As I've stated in my issue, there are no warnings or errors associated with this scenario, and the gray screen appears immediately upon launch.

Yes, please.

I am sorry, but I do simply do not see how. The Android app shows a button called "log" in the config menu. Click on it and it shows the Joplin log in text format, as expected, but no way to export it, save it or otherwise use it. What am I missing ?