Loading Animation Screen "feature"

Not really a feature, and purely aesthetic, but I think it'd be cool if...
An animated "loading" screen would show up when launching Joplin at the first start-up. This will be great so that the software will load in background, hiding under the hood the various CSS elements and all the plugins changing their colours and shapes as Joplin finishes getting ready to rock.
The loading screen (technically a preloading screen) could be a simple blue gradient background with the Joplin logo bouncing around, or rotating. Then the preloading screen fades out, or opens up to reveal the software's UI when ready.

Some may not like this, so perhaps an option to turn this off could also be implemented?

I know the basics of the concept when it comes to websites... it basically involves adding some code in the header so it loads first and some javascript that changes a few classes when everything is loaded.

Here's a preloading animation demo I like, and here are the two tutorials (1 and 2) to recreate it.

Would it be similar for an Electron software as it is for a website to implement it? Would anyone like the idea?


Appealing! :star_struck:

And one caveat: it's never a bad thing to make things look good, but it's more important to maintain and improve functionality. So to me it‘s a question of resources available…

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Ideally, Joplin should load so fast that this is not needed :wink:. In reality, especially on slower hardware, Joplin can take a long time to actually show something on the screen, and the user may not even be sure whether the application is still loading or not.

I also think this is called a "splash screen" in other words.

Some possibly related information and ideas:


Just in case anyone seriously considering it, here's an animation community member made

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That animation actually looks really good. For websites, it may be snappier to animate a much smaller image via CSS and over a CSS background rather than using a gif/video... but as the Joplin user will have the small video on their local machine included in the installation without needing to download anything, I wonder if the format would change anything in terms of speed. The ideal thing would be to display the loading screen as quick as possible