Joplin 1.8.5 on Android Slow to Start

I was about to uninstall Joplin Android, because after updating to 1.8.5 it showed a blank white screen for a minute or two with each application launch. Clearing cache, rebooting the phone didn't help.

Finally, I kept it open for a minute or two, and it came up with my notes.

Yes, I have a lot of notes, but with the previous release startup time was about 5 to 10 seconds. Fortunately, subsequent app launches on 1.8.5 have been fast.

Any idea why this happened after the update? Might it happen again after my next phone reboot, or with some other trigger? I'm hoping this was some sort of one-time database update with the new version.

It's a one off thing because it needs to upgrade the database. Normally next time you start it shouldn't do that.

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Ok, then I strongly suggest that the next time such an update needs to be done, the UI display some text with that indication to alert the user.

I force-stopped the app during this process a couple times. Hopefully I didn't damage the database?

Please let me know if the database upgrade process is resilient against a sudden force-stop. I would rather re-sync everything now than discover data loss at some point in the future.

Of course, if there's no cause for concern, I'd rather not re-sync from scratch, as that takes over 30 hours of keeping my phone screen on with Joplin open.

It's fine.

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Kindly remind that the download link to the latest apk file on the homepage is not updated yet

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