Spelling and Grammar Check Similar to Grammarly or Google Docs

App version: 2.8.8 OS: macOS Monterey 12.5.1
Kind of still new to the app sorry in advance if this already exists, but after some time snooping around the web I haven't been able to find a solution or a relevant post that wasn't posted 4 years ago. To say it simply I was wondering if there were any developmental plans or plugins that existed for a Spelling and Grammar checker similar to that of google docs, Microsoft word, or Grammarly. I'm looking to be able to quickly fix all of the misspelled and grammatically incorrect sentences quickly without going word by word one by one.

I use Antidote. https://www.antidote.info/en/. It does not integrate, but does understand markdown. I copy and paste an article into antidote. Do the grammar / style / spelling checks and rewrites. Then I copy the whole thing and paste it back into Joplin overwriting the original article. Works fine.

This requires one article at a time and is not integrated, but works well enough for my purposes.

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