Spell check suggestion

I read many people requested spell check feature for general typing. And, I cannot find a clear answer to whether the developer of Joplin is working on it or not. I would like to suggest a possible solution for adding spell check to Joplin.

I know many similar Electron-based editors use hunspell as spell check. Also, some support native OS spell checks too. Can you let us know whether spell check is a feature going to implement in near feature or indefinite for now?

Thanks a lot for developing such nice tool!


The most promising package for spell checking is the one used by Atom: https://github.com/atom/node-spellchecker Spell checking is relatively high priority and we hope to have it implemented some day.


If you can create a feature request on GH I would love to work on it :slightly_smiling_face:


@kowalskidev, the feature request is already on GitHub: https://github.com/laurent22/joplin/issues/275 (it’s the most up-voted one)

I guess the minimum spec would be:

  • A menu item to turn spell checking on or off
  • When it’s on, spelling mistakes are underlined in red
  • You can right-click on a word to see spelling suggestions

So I guess the first step would be to see if the Atom library works at all https://github.com/atom/node-spellchecker If you can run it in Electron, give it a spelling mistake and get a back suggestions in return. The second step would be to integrate this to the note title text field, and the Ace Editor and TinyMCE editor.


Alright then... Let's do it!:grinning:


Hi @kowalskidev and @laurent great that you kicked this feature off. Yet for me it's not only about spell check, but also about grammer checks. As you can probrably already sense from my broken German-English :smiley:
Therefore, I recommend an alternative to the proposed spell checker. On all of my office apps on different devices I learned to love using the "LanguageTool" which has besides fool-proof spell check also an inbuilt grammar checks, all for free and open source. Code can be found here: https://github.com/languagetool-org/
There is also a Firefox plugin in for it, maybe you can reuse some of that codebase?! Please forgive if I talk nonsense here, I'm not a software engineer.


That’s a very interesting tool, thanks for sharing.