Spellchecker should not be active by default for markdown

I'm using the markdown editor and the spell checker was active when I started Joplin.
It makes no sense to have it active since it doesn't work in the Markdown editor anyway.

IMO it should be disabled AND the icon should be hidden for the markdown editor.


Joplin 1.4.10 (dev, darwin)

Client ID: e354a932e6e143c782264aad4112b674
Sync Version: 2
Profile Version: 34
Keychain Supported: Yes

Revision: f45029b2e (dev)

I didn't want to implement complicated logic to hide/show or disable the menu for the Markdown editor, since eventually we'd like to support it.

And if we hide it, users might wonder where the menu is. At least with this message, it's immediately clear that it doesn't work.

Hmm, ok, as long as there a class name I can hide it via css. That's perfectly fine.

I totally understand the reasoning. It was just a bit weird that it was active even though it doesn't work anyway.

I have used

 a[title="Spell checker"] {
     display: none;

if that helps...

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Yes, it certainly does. I imagined it would be similar to removing the rich text editor button.

I still think that it shouldn't be active for the markdown editor though. Well, I can also set it to off. But using a default which makes only sense for people who use the WYSIWYG editor is still a bit strange.

Personally I always found it highly irritating that apps have a spellchecker turned on by default.

I don't want it. I never asked for it. Yet, I always have to turn off spellchecking in every app. This is annoying. If people want it, they should turn it on.

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To borrow a sentence from a predecessor, you can fork and maintain a branch yourself (the person who said this must be a programmer, and the cost issue has not been considered)

In addition, I don’t like to enable this feature by default, it should be implemented by a plug-in (multi-language support is more difficult...)

I suppose others may argue that they would find it annoying to have to find the way to switch the spell-checker on and that it should be on by default. I think it's one of those things that can never please everyone.

I know what you mean. I do not use WYSIWYG and when I realised that the spell-checker did not work in the markdown / viewer the very first thing I did was find a way to remove it. It's also odd that the spellchecker works in settings fields. So when I set the editor path or set the Markdown editor font to "Roboto Mono" I get the red misspelling "squiggles". I don't know why this seems to irk me so much. I guess it's because it's just not needed there. Probably just my equivalent of "spell-checker on by default" :slight_smile:


I made it so the spell checker is enabled on regular text inputs too, as that would include the note title which some would want spell checking for. I didn't realise it would be enabled on setting fields as well and I'm going to disable it there.

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I support this idea. I'm of the workstyle that does not like any button or element in the open that I don't make use of; it annoys me.

However, I suppose this is something I could manage if I knew CSS and editing my personal stylesheet?

With the way I use Joplin I do not need to see the updated date, I do not change the spell-checker language, I do not use alarms and I do not use the rich text editor. This means that I never use most of the buttons to the right of the toolbar.

It doesn't particularly annoy me but because Joplin is so flexible I have removed them "because I can".


 div.editor-toolbar div button {
    /* removes the MARKDOWN/RICH TEXT button */
     display: none !important;
 a[title="Spell checker"],
 a[title="Set alarm"] {
    /* removes the modified date as well as the spell-checker and alarm buttons */
     display: none;

The above could be combined into one entry but I haven't as I occasionally remove just the Rich Text entry when I want to test something.






wow, thanks!