Specific notebook folder with 1.0.107

up to now I was using Joplin for Windows with a specific notebook folder by starting it with

"C:\Program Files\Joplin\Joplin.exe" --profile D:\Profiles\MeiAccount\Documents\Joplin\Data.

After installing the update 1.0.107 today Joplin starts without opening my notebooks: "There is currently no notebook. Create one by clicking on “New notebook”. Seems the --profile flag doesn’t work any longer.
What could be the cause?

to check, can you copy paste the command line you use to start joplin with the right joplin profile ? it’s look like a typo in the path

Here is the command …
“C:\Program Files\Joplin\Joplin.exe” --profile D:\Profiles\MeiAccount\Documents\Joplin\Data
… that was working up to today

Just now - after a Windows restart - Joplin is opening my notebooks!

Perhaps it was already running in the background? In which case, when you try to reopen it, it will ignore the flags and just use the current profile.

What I did was : When I startet Joplin on my notebook today (after holiday) I got the information that there is a new version available. I downloaded it and startet installation process. It ended with the possibility to start Joplin. So I startet it - without my notebooks. I closed the window and used my existing program link to start Joplin - without my notebooks. The same I repeated several times.
What I found in the meantime is that there are still processes running after closing the Joplin window. So closing the window does not realy end Joplin. That might caused the problem!
Restarting Windows than ended all processes and starting Joplin with my program link opened my notebooks.

If you simply close the window and the option “Show app in tray icon” is enabled, it will simply minimise it to the tray icon but the app will still be running. Not sure if that was the issue in your case. If the app was completely closed, including the tray icon, but the process was still there, then it’s indeed a bug.