Joplin never starts

Operating system


Joplin version


Desktop version info

desktop 2.13.13

What issue do you have?

I use Joplin on a few computers and love the sync to DropBox.

On one computer that I wanted to install it, it starts, never show a desktop or tray icon. However I see its processes in task manager.

I have tried both the portable and setup version. This is on Windows 10, 32-bit. Could it be because of that?

I am not sure where to look. Thanks

Realy on 32 bit?

As the GitHub issue states, Joplin has been broken on Windows 32-bit for a very long time. Until recently, you were still able to make it run by doing some hackery (as described in detail in the issue), however as of today, it doesn't seem possible to make Joplin v2.13 and newer work, at least not by user-side hacks.

Ok, thanks, well, couldnt the installer block the install if its not longer working in 32bit? Other apps installer do this.

I suppose the 32-bit compatibility is still desired, thus the GitHub issue is also still open. I've got one 32-bit system myself where I'd like to keep the newest version of Joplin running, so I may try to look into the code myself (although with rather basic skills), however I can't say when this will happen due to major time constraints right now :confused:.

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