Request for Manual Notebook Ordering or Clarification on "Toggle CustomOrder" Feature

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Joplin 2.13.15 (prod, win32)
ID: f60ebae6678a424fbd6d55e7d2f94fd9

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Hello Joplin Community,

I hope this message finds you well. I've been exploring the functionalities of Joplin and greatly appreciate the versatility and privacy it offers. However, I've encountered an issue regarding the organization of notebooks that I believe could be addressed to enhance user experience further.

I understand that Joplin offers various ways to organize notes and notebooks, including tags and naming conventions. Recently, I noticed an option in the menu named "Toggle Custom Order," which I assumed would allow for manual rearrangement of notebooks according to personal preference. After enabling this option, it seems there was no change or capability introduced to manually drag and reorder notebooks as expected.

I've taken the time to verify this functionality to ensure I'm not overlooking any steps or procedures that might enable such custom ordering. Unfortunately, it appears that manual ordering of notebooks, at least in a straightforward and intuitive manner, is not currently possible.

Could anyone please clarify the intended function of the "Toggle Custom Order" feature? If it's currently not designed to allow manual sorting of notebooks, I would like to formally request this feature to be considered for future updates. The ability to organize notebooks by dragging them into a specific order would significantly improve the usability of Joplin for many users, myself included, who rely on visual organization to manage their notes and projects efficiently.

The Custom Sort is both times located in the note section and not in the notebook section.
Therefore, this has nothing to do with the notebooks.

Or do you mean somewhere else?

For notebooks is only the following sort order available:

Yes, I am talking about the custom order of notebooks, not the custom order of notes. It seems that notebooks cannot customize the order like notes. Can you add this function?

I still have a issue with custom order of notebooks, not the custom order of notes. Notebooks cannot customize the order like notes.

Can anyone add this function please? Perhaps get assistance from chat GPT it may need some creative coding... Is anyone feeling super creative and up to the challenge?

Thanks from Data!

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