Organize folders


I have been playing around for a bit with entering in some notes and lists.

I have noticed that when you create notebooks, you can arrange the in any order that you want. When you have a “group” of notebooks, these are all arranged alphabetically and the order can not be changed.

I also noticed that individual note books and “groups” of notebooks are not mixed together.

Is this how Joplin works? Or, is ti me that has not figured to how to rearrange the groups and notebooks?

I am hope that you can mix the notebooks and group any order, and that groups are not forced to be arranged from A to Z.

Thanks for any feedback on how this works.


Currently the notebooks are indeed always sorted alphabetically. There’s a feature request on GitHub about this.


I looked on the main joplin github page, but I did not see the feature request section.

Can you point me to it?


Just open an issue with [Feature Request] in the title. There is no dedicated section.