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What issue do you have?

I am using the plantuml plugin for some time now with Joplin. I have noticed frequently that if i switch between rich text and markdown, the characters for the code start/end get escaped, thus "```" becomes "```" which is annoying. Its quick to fix, but it happens enough that it becomes time consuming and annoying.

I notice the same characters in the markdown for something like json dont have this issue.

It's not clear if this is an issue on joplin or on the plugin itself.

Any suggestions? I dont mind contributing to the fix on either side if there are some pointers.

The About the Rich Text editor documentation explains:

TLDR: Avoid using Markdown plugins if you primarily intend to use the Rich Text editor, and be aware of the editor's limitations.

Also, the PlantUML plugin's Github repository states:

This plugin is not compatible with WYSIWYG editor

It also states that additional support won't be provided to this plugin, but pull requests are welcome.

Seems like the better answer is "switch to mermaid"

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