Android 1.4.6 - Note Editing

Since installing 1.4.6 on my phone, I have not been able to properly create nor edit notes.

When creating a new note, I can only add text to the title field. Closing the note results in a multi-line title in the notebook view.

Syncing the new note to Joplin on my desktop (Linux 1.4.12) causes the note to be parsed into a Note Title with the remaining texted after the first carriage return being moved to the Note Text field.

Syncing this back to my Android Phone shows the note properly displayed. Opening the note also is properly displayed. Tapping the edit field causes the note text to disappear and the note appears empty with only the Title displayed. This is also the behavior I experience with all existing notes.

I haven't seen anyone else posting anything like this so I thought I would put in the Forum first before reporting it as a bug.

Problem fixed in Android version 1.4.11. Fantastic!

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