Rendering in the Android app?

I’m currently testing Joplin and I’d like to know if there’s a way to have the notes in the android app get parsed or if that feature is only available in the desktop client?

What do you mean by “parsed”?

Hmm…it seems that “converting” would’ve been the better term. When I enter a text that is formatted in Markdown I’d like to see the converted text without the markdown syntax.

For what I see on the screenshot on the Joplin page the desktop client does this in the column on the right.

Oh i see. No there’s no dual view like on the desktop in mobile. You only see the rendered note one you exit the edit mode.

Strange, I always see the markdown version of my notes.

I’m new to markdown so maybe I’m doing it wrong.


Once you’ve finished editing, press the back button and it should show the rendered note

But on the screenshot you can see the screen after I’ve saved and pressed the back button.

When I press the back arrow again I land at the welcome screen.

It seems there are some extra spaces at the beginning of each line. That would prevent the text from being rendered. Can you check? Or can you post the full markdown you’re testing with here?

I created a new note:

#A new note

A new note with some **text**

But still no success:

There shouldn’t be + if you are on the preview screen. It should be a ✏️.

Still not converted:

It sort of looks like you might be putting that text in the title box? When you create a new note, it’ll automatically have you editing the title (which doesn’t support markdown), but if you press below the line you can edit the main body. Sorry if I’m way off here.

Oh wow, now I feel like a real idiot. I didn’t notice that there was a title box. Everything works now (of course). Sorry!

Glad to hear it’s working now! It’s actually not very clear, and it wouldn’t hurt to have some background text in the title bar like on the desktop app.