[Solved] Problem with global search and ampersand

Operating system


Joplin version


Desktop version info

Joplin 2.14.20 (prod, win32)

ID client : 49e8b5c0a27e4c7ea47133d561c692e5
Version de Synchro : 3
Version du profil : 46
Trousseau supporté : Oui

Révision : cfd98e3

Backup: 1.4.0
Favorites: 1.3.2

Sync target



Markdown Editor

What issue do you have?


I suppose that it's not a problem but may be a reserved "word" for search...

I have a not called :
Unit Testing Dotnet (.NET) Application with xUnit .net & MOQ

When I use the global search and type all this text, the note is not found but as soon as I remove the ampersand, the global search found it, so with this text I can find the note :
Unit Testing Dotnet (.NET) Application with xUnit .net

So is this (the ampersand) a resevered word or a bug?


Try putting the whole thing is quotes

"Test1 & Test2"

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Effectively, it runs !
Thank you very much.

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