Search failure

I have a note that contains the following text:

- Day 42: Email or LinkedIn: send LiBiotechKeepInTouchLastTry.mail

When I search (F6) for ‘lasttry’, no match is found (ditto ‘LastTry’).

Have I misunderstood how search should, or is this a bug^Wfeature?

Version: Joplin 1.0.161 (prod, linux). Revision: d066350(HEAD)

Also: it would be nice if the Help, About version info was copyable.


When you search there’s a “Usage” link that appears next to the search field, did you try checking it?

It’s neither a bug nor feature but rather a limitation of the search engine we’re using.

Thanks for the quick reply. Yes, I did read that link, and i’ve just read it again but I don’t see anything to explain why this doesn’t match.

The “single word” search description is “Returns all the notes that contain this term.” Would it be more accurate to describe the single word search as “Returns all the notes that contain this word. Note: substrings of words are not matched.”

Thanks for Joplin: it’s fabulous.

That’s a good point, I’ll clarify it in the example.

It is, but maybe this doesn’t work on Windows. On macOS, I just select the text in the About dialog with the mouse and copy it. I don’t have Windows to test this.

Neither do I.

This was on Linux (note “Version: Joplin 1.0.161 (prod, linux). Revision:

Hmm, ok, so maybe it doesn’t work on Linux then. My Linux box is without UI thus I can’t even test it on Linux. Anyway, if it doesn’t work on Linux and/or Windows, this might be an upstream electron issue.

Or maybe it just works on macOS by chance. Maybe we could add either a button in the About box to copy the info or automatically copy the information to the clipboard as soon as the about menu is selected. @laurent what do you think?