Software for notes on maps?

The post about Product Hunt inspires me to ask: do you have any software (a web service is enough) where I could make my own, private notes on maps?

I.e. I want to be able to mark points or routes on a map, and be able to at least export them, so I can keep local copy.

The worst thing: I've once found some such service after much googling, used it once. And when I tried to use it again a few months later, I've realized I've forgotten how it's called and, like an idiot, haven't been able to find it again. :woman_facepalming:

Do you know of any such thing?

I’ve asked someone who organises hikes and she recommends OS Map. You can plot paths but not sure if you can add notes to it. I saw you can export the route though and there are various paid options for more advanced features.

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I’m building a simple app that manages pins on a map. Each pin has a title, an optional comment, and a list of tags.

The app displays all pins on a map, and the list of all tags. The user can then select tags, and the map is updated to show only pins having that tag.

In the roadmap, I was planning to have the ability to link those pins to stuff outside of the app (Evernote notes, Joplin notes, webpages, …) and also to sync in from outside (for example, add a note in Evernote with geo coordinates → it automatically shows up as a new pin in my app).

Here’s a screenshot showing just a bit of places I’ve travelled to. I also have pins marking places I want to visit, places with interesting stuff or that I want to remember for any given reason.

Stuff missing: it can’t save changes! I haven’t built a backend for it yet, it’s just a plain HTML+JS file sitting in my computer.


routeyou is fine for creating your own route, and export it, many formats are supported…

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My favorite tool to do this is . You can add points, lines and areas (i think there is no routing tool). It is stored online but you can export (and import) in various formats. The best: There is no account required. If you hit save you get two links. One with editing rights and one for view only.

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