Anyone use Joplin for journaling?

How do you like it as a journaling app comparing to similar apps? Or do you have a better option for journaling? I'm using Mac...


I am using it for journaling. And it works pretty well. And I like to be able to link from Journal notes to other notes and/or attachments within Joplin.

Oh cool, thanks for sharing... I'd like to know how you link the notes.. :slight_smile:

You can create links to note by dragging it from from the NoteList View to the content of your note.
Both notes have to be in the same notebook.

I was using it for journaling but ended up writing my own online tool for doing specifically journaling.

Out of curiosity, what are the requirements for journaling that you need and that you don't find in Joplin?

You can also right click any note and choose "Copy Markdown Link" and paste into another note, assuming you are taking notes with Markdown.


Oh, cool, thank you! That's a very nice feature! :slight_smile:

Oh, well, I'm just thinking that maybe I should keep my diaries separated from my notes.
And I have seen apps with better and sleek designs dedicating to writing diaries... You can type in text with different colors, and you can write directly in the WYSIWYG editor, for now it's still experimental in Joplin, but I like that I can attach photos in Joplin without paying monthly fees. :slight_smile:

Wow, good job! You're very talented!

I'm adding features for daily reminders. It's micro journaling so having small notes for every day didn't make so much sense, and I don't really like editing one big note either. I have it set to export to markdown so I do export it to joplin once in awhile tho. Also, it's a nice hobby project. I intend to open it for others to use too.

Also planning to add things like streaks, and leaderboards etc to encourage people to keep going (myself too)


I have been using Joplin since the January 2020 and its easily become one of my most favorite applications to date. I dont think it requires anything more.

I use it for regular journalling, meeting notes and stuff require to be remembered.


Related: I use Joplin for general writing projects and blogging (I journal longhand). For blogging, I do all drafts in Joplin, then copy the markdown into my blog editor. Serves as a better editing tool and an archive.


Hi @joeschmoe, that sounds fantastic. Cannot wait until you open your project to the public. Will be one of your early testers then. Is it like a separate application or is it an Add-on for joplin?

Hi Tiger, thanks for your interest. you can check it here:
I've been using it for over a year

Hi @Syzygianinfern0

I'm reopening the discussion a bit because I'd be interested to know a bit more about how you use Joplin for journaling.
Personally, I have a template that creates a note with the current date as the title in a "Journal" notebook. It's pretty handy but it lacks the ability to have a date picker that would create that same note at a date in the future...

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Hello. My journaling workflow is like this:

  • Notebooks for year
  • Subnotebooks for months
  • Notes for a single day

In my first journal entry of the day, I create a new note and just hit "Control Shift T" at the title to generate the "datetime" stamp and then I delete the "time" part of it. And I use h1 tags (#) for each entry of the day with the heading being the time (also generated using the same datetime stamp keyboard shortcut).

It is super trivial and basic, but it gets the work done for me and it has always also been easy for me to search through my older entries by either using the global notebook search or custom tags which I attach for each entry.

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I keep two journal notebooks, one personal, the other a record of my work stuff (I'm doing a PhD so it's important to not let the days blur together and also to look back on my ideas)

I've got an, I think, pretty well thought out system:

I use months as notes and have each day be a header in those notes, they're labelled "Year-Month - MonthName" so they automatically sort chronologically (that's a hot tip: YY/MM/DD date formats sort the same chronologically and alphabetically :ok_hand:)

I also have a plugin that lets you run JavaScript within Joplin so I have another note I just to generate the headers of my notes
Here's a gist to that note The markdown needed to generate journal headers in Joplin using the JavaScript plugin · GitHub
And the JavaScript plugin: GitHub - S73ph4n/joplin_automate_notes: Joplin plugin to automate notes with javascript
The auto generated stuff includes a table of contents to jump to specific days but hides it in < details > tags :ok_hand::grin:

I like to think it's pretty feature rich while not being very complex, I've found it fits me pretty well :blush::blush:


I am using rednotebook as a (basic) desktop journal and pretty happy with it. Replicating its features within Joplin would clinch it for me as it would allow syncing across server devices and keeping notes and journal entries together simplifies life. Also being able to import the archive of past entries without losing any information...