Evernote competitor Notesnook officially open source.Is there any special benefit for joplin?

Can we perfect Joplin with his code, after all, Joplin still has a lot of work to do. By the way, if I'm not right, point it out. :upside_down_face:

Can you not sync without a plan? It looks like you have to make an account and are forced to use their services unlike Joplin.

Lots of the export features seem to be locked away behind a premium subscription like exporting as markdown meaning your notes seem to be held hostage? (Not sure what the backend of it is).
It looks like the backup exports to some kind of json like output but that would be a pain to adopt to a more generic format.

It also isn't markdown based it seems. Yes you can insert formatting like you can with markdown but the tags aren't part of the document, it is a rich text editor.

Telemetry is enabled by default...

Yeah, I think I'm sticking with Joplin

I can see people liking that richtext editor, I think that is still one of the weaker parts of Joplin.


Yeah, thanks but no thanks. Joplin is a much better offering.

What I like about Notesnook

Focus on user experience:

  • import is streamlined. Separate app converts your export from another notetaker and ensures that imported data looks as intended
  • icon pack looks nice
  • font looks nice as well
little friendly art on empty spaces


  • window size adaptive sidebar: changes from full title to icon-only view when you resize it
  • each element in note/tag/notebook list has several rows, where the second+ row displays useful info (date modified, tags applied, etc)

What I dislike about it

  • not enough features / no plugins?
  • not built for open source. It's going to be impossible (as in very hard) to maintain if the author moves on from it
  • it needs a server. Without it, it's a crippled piece of software. Here Joplin doesn't need a server at all but can be connected to a very simple file server (like nextcloud)
  • search
  • etc

Overall, at the moment, it's very basic notetaker. Managing more than 1000 notes in it going to be not great. On the other hand, I strongly appreciate author's decision to publish his code and provide open source solution for basic needs.

I hope the author will provide a good export solution for people who reached limits of his product and overall will take note of how to shape his project for open source.


What Joplin lacks for sure is a web version
Also Notesnook UI/UX is more modern and better

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what notesnook appears to miss which makes it totally unsuitable to me is any way of exporting notes for import in other apps. I don't want to be locked in.


What Joplin lacks for sure is a web version
Also Notesnook UI/UX is more modern and better

Yeah, but everything else is less than optimal. At least with Joplin I can host my own sync for free and know that my data won't be locked in.

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