Joplin is now on Product Hunt

There’s now a page for Joplin on Product Hunt. It’s been there for a while actually but it’s just been cleaned up a bit, with new screenshots, descriptions and tags. If you have an account over there, any upvote would be much appreciated!

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Nice. There’s one issue though. You can’t search for it on the main page. If you enter joplin it yields no results.

I didn’t know Product Hunt (made an account, gave Joplin an upvote ofc)
Quick question: can I filter software by whether it’s open source? Didn’t see that option so far.

It seems you need to click “Show all products” to view it. It seems they favour hardware by default, or maybe they only include in the results after a certain number of upvotes.

It doesn’t seem to be possible. I wasn’t aware of Product Hunt either but I just saw yesterday that Inkdrop is using it to promote their app so I thought why not, with some luck the app will be featured or mentioned in one of Product Hunt blog posts. So far I prefer AlternativeTo for finding software though but let’s see anyway.

Hmm, It’s a bit weird, because then I see 2 Joplin entries and both are categorized as Android. I think they should fix the listings…