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Snippets in Joplin?

It is possible to add a shortcut abbreviation template support (snippet) in Joplin? Something like instead of typing “” to press just the “![” and Joplin to complete all the extra characters by itself? SublimeText have a feature similar like this, where you can define your own shortcut templates with placeholders. Like this Lorem Ipsum Shortcut in Sublime Text. Just type “lorem” and “tab” key in SublimeText and BOOM! You have all the Lorem Impsum text straight there!

Or this Guide to Sublime Text Snippets.

This is a very useful feature which I would like to use a lot, as right now I need to type the same things a lot of times.

may this can be implemented in GSoC Idea - Custom keyboard shortcuts, may you want to bring it up there

Thank you for the heads-up!

I’m sorry, but this does not belong in the GSoC project. I’ve removed the comments and created a new topic but now there are 2 snippet topics, which should be merged.
I’ll dlo that in a sec.

If somebody it is interested in implementing custom shortcuts in Joplin, please see the description on this thread:

@zohozer Thanks for sharing . Can you please tell about some of the features that we need to add shortcut for .

I would like to see shortcuts for custom snippets like they are described here:

A Guide to Sublime Text Snippets

You could also download the SublimeText editor and try this feature by yourself.

Basically you are defining a file with the custom templates that will trigger this snippets when certain abbreviations are typed.

@zohozer Link is not working.Please check

Seems that they are do working here:


Or just simply Google for “Sublime Text snippet creation”.

@zohozer I’m sorry, this is a different topic.

You are talking about a snippet engine that interacts with the editor. This project/idea is about custom shortcuts for EXISTING menu items and actions.

But if a student want to do this there is a topic for this now to discuss details

But not in the custom shortcuts topic.

I understand that one would want to have shortcuts in one of his fav app, but, above a certain amount of shortcuts, it becomes inproductive to have app specialized shortcuts; it is better to install a shortcut app that runs on the entire system: a text expander.
As I use different types of writing softwares, it becomes a mess to remember each particular shortcuts for the app; as the system shortcuts are usefull to be the same on every app following the guidelines, the text expander shortcuts provide the same shortcuts for numerous apps.
There are numerous apps in this category; espanso seems to be both open source and multiplatform.
I use Typinator on macOS and iOS. It seems that only paid app are desktop and portable compatible, see here for more info.


I also don’t think you need to add this to Joplin. I use AutoHotkey on Windows and AutoKey on Linux.
Shortcuts work the same in any application.