Extreme Slow Starting

Every time I start Joplin Desktop, It takes at lest 5 minutes to load.
Below is the startup log. Notice at time:
10:54:45: joplin.plugins: "Starting plugin: io.github.jackgruber.note-overview"
the log remains inactive until:
10:55:07: "ResourceService::indexNoteResources: Start"
More than 2.5 minutes.
Is this normal? I hoe not because this is unbearably slow.
I was trying to show a friend the benefits of Joplin and seeing that made him turn around and leave.

Is it something I'm doing wrong or is this normal behavior?
I currently have:
Note: 0/3270
Folder: 0/303
Resource: 0/27047
Tag: 0/370
NoteTag: 0/13294
MasterKey: 0/0
Revision: 0/294
Total: 0/44578

No that isn't normal, what happens if you start in safe mode or turn off some of the plugins? (for example the note overview one seeing as that might be indicated)

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