Size of images

Version 1.0.170 (Win, Android 8.1, Android 9 -> Nextcloud Sync)

Is there a way to influence the size of images?
I recognized if I take a photo with my tablet (Android 8.) the size is 1932x1224 and if I use my smarthone (Android 9) the size is 1152x864.
Both are a little bit small for my purpose. It would be great to be able to configure it (at each device separately). Is this possible already?

By the way: Joplin is a great tool. I am doing a restauration of a beetle convertible. Currently I am disassembling him. Every step I am documenting now including the place where I put the parts. I hope I can bring the puzzle together later :slight_smile:


Currently it resizes based on the largest dimensions - if any of them is greater than 1920, the image is resized down to max 1920x1920. That seems quite big already for photos, but out of curiosity what resolution would work for you?

1920x1920 would be ok for the moment. But why them different than 1920 and my smartphone makes them even much smaller?

In future release it would be nice to make the 1920 configurable. Shall I post a feature request on github?

Hmm, they shouldn’t be. Maybe they are displayed at this size but internally they are saved at a fixed resolution. To double-check, you could sync with a desktop app, then right-click on the image and select “Open”. It will open in an image editor, where you can check the size.

This has been discussed before. It’s capped because too large images might crash the mobile app. There are ways to solve this but it hasn’t been done yet.

I did this already. And I checked the files in the ressource folder.

Unless I’m missing something there’s nothing in the code that would resize an image to 1224x1632, so I think it was saved initially by the camera at that resolution.

I am attaching a file by taking a fresh image by the camera via Joplin app. The images normally are stored by full resolution with both devices (tablet and smartphone). Camera settings do not help here. Shrinking is done by the Joplin android app.

If I add via smartphone an larger image (adding an already taken image from gallery) it is shrinked correctly!

Is there a kind of preview image in android available what will be used by Joplin instead the full size image?

Any idea how I can figure out where it is shrinked?

This becomes now a work around: First shoot the image with the camera app to store it in the phone gallery, than go to Joplin and select it. That is very uncomfortable in my situation. I take hundreds of pictures in an disassembling evening.

Nevertheless, Joplin is very helpfull for me :wink:

Ok I think the issue is that the camera picks up a default resolution, whatever that is, and uses that when taking a picture. From what I understand what the default is depends on the device, camera app, etc. and cannot be specified by the app.

Maybe if you play with the default resolution of the camera app, you can get Joplin to picks up what you’ve chosen?

Actually I’ve answered too quickly as there’s a way to set the camera ratio, which in turn will affect the photo resolution. I’ve added an issue to track this:

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There’s also another issue open that might be of interest in this discussion.

It might not be relevent for this particluar problem, but one might run into something similar in the future. Thus, it’s good to have a reference to it:

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